Hello! I’m -8 and this is my portfolio with selected work.

I’m freelance artist with focus on set design & video art in theatre, rave, opera, concerts, fashion shows, awards and on architecture. Time to time doing gallery art and sometimes lecturing.

I experience world mainly visually but in mean time I’m interested in concepts of
experienced phenomena. So I can create and work with ideas and concepts and visualize them in time and space.

How do you experience world?

Since year 2009 as an artist I have worked on several dozens of theatre plays, operas, concerts, fashion and award shows, participated 8 group exhibitions and one solo exhibition. Also created dozens of video and animation commercials, event posters and working on branding, visual identity and marketing of online lifestyle & bike shop Urbn Tribe. In spare time been organizing raves and EDM festivals, DJ-ing & VJ-ing for years. Four times I have been nominated for video artist of year in Latvian theatre awards. One time winner of international theatre commercial and poster contest in Russia for video commercial.

If you are dropping a rave, making play or opera, organizing event or need visual artist you are welcome to contact me!



Photo by Daina Geidemane, photo remix by -8