For many of us 2020 is one of  the most unusual time of our lives. Great part of the most human experiences are forbidden or available only through unhuman mediators. As for an artist who is working mainly for public mass gathering events  this crisis have great impact on my professional  career  and living.  Almost everybody in culture are now forced to rethink how to survive, how to adapt to new situation. In this weird time I was asked to create art piece for Concert Hall Latvija that would help it to still offer culture to people despite of being closed.

With this piece I wanted to reflect of this time of a human distancing and lack of direct contact and a triumph time of an unhuman mediators  in our human communication. In same time it was important to say that even this crisis won’t stop music in concert hall.

Heart of this artwork/performance is a grand piano 470i created by David Klavins for Concert Hall Latvija that has ability to be played from distance using robotics and software. 

Concept of this piece is to hold  concerts  without  humans present at all. We set up four cameras showing piano playing and empty concert hall. Also we recreated small version of concert hall and stage in glass lobby of concert hall available to see and hear concert from outside of concert hall.  Concerts  are  live streamed  online as well.  Composers and  pianists are  making new pieces for empty concert hall that are  premiered  each week.

Humanless concerts will continue each Thursday until humans come back…


Concert Grand Piano
MODEL 470i
David Klavins

Concert Hall Latvija

Boti- Forras