Lacplesis* Technology is a project which in honor of the Latvian folk legend’s hero creates technologies and concepts that allow to continue the fight against injustice and evil. Project started in 2012 by two artists -8 and Artis Kuprišs. Since then project with different products has paricipated in 6 exhibitions.

* Lacplesis is the Latvian mythological hero who lived a long, long time ago, and one day got in a ght with a three-headed son of a witch. They had a ght all day long, but nally, in the evening, after several serious injuries, they slipped into the Latvian “river of fate” and drowned. Since then, people see them ghting again at evenings from time to time, until Lacplesis will hold the nal victory. When this happens, Latvians will see the days of golden glory.



Technology “Wi_Spy” is a device that can monitor, analyze and sonify* user data transmitted through wireless network (WiFi). To put it simple – with device like this it is possible to gather data without permission on WiFi networks (information downloaded and uploaded by users of network) and this data is interpreted as sound. Technology has preventive function to caution users and raise discussion on topics about data safety in internet and WiFi networks in particular.

Functioning device and a video about author’s interventions in public space using this technology were displayed in exhibition.

* Sonification is a method, which interprets data into sound. Sonification is the data-dependent generation of sound,
if the transformation is systematic, objective and reproducible, in order for it to be used as a scientific method.

WiSpy  wifi network sonification example:

[Article 27, Section 1]

Everyone has the right freely to participate in the cultural life of the community, to enjoy the arts and to share in scientific advancement and its benefits.

[Article 27, Section 2]

Everyone has the right to the protection of the moral and material interests resulting from any scientific, literary or artistic production of which he is the author.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights


E1-FLAX is Lacplesis Technology experiment which researches how does a pirated music affects living organisms*. Two separate jars A and B with same amount of  soil and seeds of flax in same environment were exposed A – to a  legal version of Latvian maestro's Raimonds Pauls song Zilie lini (Blue Flax from latvian) and B – to a pirated version of same song. Results for this experiment showed minor differences. Jar with pirated version of song had two FLAX crops more.

*Music influence on plants has been researched for a while already. Most researches proves that music can affect plants. Scientists from University of California even succeeded to affect work of plant stomata (which are responsible for evaporation of water from plants) with help of high frequency sounds.


LT-ML002 is pirated music legalisation software. Software starts to work automatically whenever you plug in your portable USB media device. It finds all .mp3 files in it and starts legalisation process. In this process each your song get’s cut in small pieces which afterwards get’s rearranged randomly in new .mp3 file which replaces the old one. In result you get sounds of your favourite songs in new unique compositions. This is Shazam proof.

LT-ML002 music legalization examples:


LT-GR002 is alternative media player which can be used in public spaces in both – uncommercial and commercial purpose- without copyright fee. Core element in this player is mechanical clapper. You can regulate the tempo and volume of clapper in order to get different soundscapes. You can use this media player with speakers or headphones.

LT-GR002 media device music example: